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On the Battlegrounds, each Warlord commands an army of 10 Token Terrors of their choosing. Tokens have either melee or ranged battle styles, as well as unique Token Talents that vary their playstyles and strategies.  Your turn consists of five steps, see below:

1. REFRESH? You may Refresh any number of your Tokens that are not already Fresh, turning them to face forward.

2. ACTIVATE! Each turn you will select one friendly Token to activate and then Command 3 times, no less.

 The Commands you can issue are MOVE, ENRAGE, BATTLE & TOKEN TALENT.

  •  Move - move your active Token into any orthogonally adjacent space. Up, down left or right.
  •  Enrage (once per turn) - Increase the Threat of your active token by 1 (Threat is a Token's attack and defense value). 
  •  Battle - Attack an enemy Token within your active Token's range.  
  •  Token Talent (once per turn, per Talent) - Each faction in Token Terrors Battlegrounds has 2 special Token Talents that give them an edge in battle. 

   3. SPEND? Spend Surge Points to issue additional commands. 

4. REST? Gain Surge Points by Resting your active Token, but be warned, resting Tokens cannot evade Range attacks!   

5. REINFORCE? If you have 4 or fewer Tokens on the Battleground, add Tokens from your Reserves (if any) to any unoccupied space on the edge of the Battleground until you have 5 Tokens in the fight.  

Players alternate turns, going through these 5 steps each turn in an effort to be the first to destroy all their opponent's forces.

The Rules for Token Terrors Battlegrounds have been edited by veteran industry editors and creators Joshua Yearsley, Micheal Epstein & Patrick J Goepfert and have undergone rigorous playtesting. Through countless public events such as PAX Unplugged, Unpub, Magfest, and others, as well as a 6 month-long weekly residency at local community game space No Land Beyond and tireless internal playtesting, Token Terrors Battlegrounds has been sharpened into a light to medium-weight strategy battle game that's a great gateway to new players just digging into the board game hobby while also offering miles of strategic depth for seasoned tabletop players. 

The Token Terrors Battle Block is a handy, candy bar sized brick of Token Terrors miniatures, perfect for those who are just here to fill a sleepy hamlet with a horde of Zombies in your next TTRPG adventure or want to enhance and complement that brutal mono-red Goblin token generation deck!

Generate a BETTER token creature with Token Terrors! Dice-sized miniatures that you can toss in your dice bag!
Soldiers explore the dungeon catacombs seeking to exterminate zombies and are met by a chattering horde and a titanic Terror they've never seen before!
Paint friendly and brimming with character, Token Terrors are great for hobby painters!

An elite galactic strike force? Not so much. More of an elite force of creatives, dorks, and gamers with a shared vision for thoughtfully designed, compact, dice-sized miniatures. Founded in 2017 by John de Campos, Tim Brosius, and Phil Doccolo, Terrible Games' first offering and flagship product, Token Terrors, and its companion strategy battle game, Token Terrors: Battlegrounds, have been our sole focus since forming. Our mission is to enhance and enrich tabletop gaming for players everywhere with our thoughtfully designed, dice-sized, durable, affordable, and abundant mini-monsters, and to give those monsters an ever-expanding and lore rich universe where they may clash for all eternity!!! In these efforts, Terrible Games has also enlisted graphic designer Shannon Light Hadley and research and development/playtesting partner and wizard Lucas Gerace.

Our scrappy team of multi-talented creatives and designers welcome you to join us as we unleash Token Terrors on gamers and toy lovers everywhere, and assure you with every fiber of our collective being that if you give us your trust and support, we will repay it with quality, labored-over products, thoughtful and fun games, paired with stalwart service.  

With eternal thanks, 

Terrible Games, LLC

John de Campos - Owner/creator, Co-designer, Marketing, Illustration, lore, and Miniature designs. 

Tim Brosius - Partner, Miniature Sculpts and Designs, Renders, Animation, and Video Production

Phil Doccolo - Partner and co-designer

Shannon Light Hadley - Partner, Graphic Design, Layout, and Packaging. 

Lucas Gerace - Partner, Game Development, World-Building & Lore.


Additional Video Production by Bob Rose. 

Voice over by Rex Anderson and music by Micheal Stettes

Additional Miniature sculpting by Boma C Jack, and Jamie Naguchi

A huge thank you to our hundreds of playtesters, backers, and No Land Beyond in Baltimore. This game would not exist without your support and feedback. Thank you!

Available Rewards:


Token Terrors: Battlegrounds

Token Terrors Battlegrounds includes 6 of each faction from Token Terrors Season 1 Primeval for a total of 36 mini-monsters in every copy!


  • Token Terrors: Battlegrounds
  • Print and Play download
  • Token Terrors S1 Tome of Terrors PDF download.
  • All unlocked stretch goals
$6USD + Shipping


Just want to print, cut, and craft a playable version of Token Terrors Battlegrounds? This reward receives a pdf download of the full rule booklet so you can create a full art version of Token Terrors made out of paper! This includes talent cards for all 7 factions from Season 1, the full art Battleground, and instructions for this variation of components.


  • Print and Play download
$10USD + Shipping

Token Terrors Battle Block

Choose which faction you receive.


  • 6 Token Terrors of 1 faction of your choosing

Only available in the United States, EU, Canada, Australia, and China.


Token Terrors Warlords Wealth!

Dungeon Masters and adventurers rejoice! Our limited edition 5E compatible "Tome of Terrors" is packed with exclusive illustrations, stat blocks and lore for all the mini-monsters in Token Terrors S1 - PRIMEVAL. This reward also features alternate artwork by lich lord SKELEGHOUL on both the Tome of Terrors book and the alternate art Collectors box sleeve. All this packaged with a copy of Token Terrors Battlegrounds bolstered with an additional 4 minis from each faction rounding out the mini count to 60 total!

Just in it for the minis? This is the reward for you!


  • Token Terrors Battlegrounds
  • 10 of each faction from Token Terrors S1 Primeval.
  • Token Terrors S1 Tome of Terrors Booklet
  • Token Terrors alternate art collectors box sleeve.
  • Print and Play download
  • Token Terrors S1 Tome of Terrors PDF download.
  • All unlocked stretch goals

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